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Coming Soon…OVM


One of the biggest tell-tale signs of aging is lack of that plump, youthful cushion of youthful skin. To combat this sign of skin aging, Dr. Perricone has harnessed the power of the eggshell membrane, which is the thin layer between the egg white and the egg shell and combined it with retinol, to create the ultimate collagen- regenerating treatment.

We’re looking for some Perricone MD fans to test this product and share their testimonials with the Perricone MD community. Is that you? If so, please email the information below to facebook@perriconemd.com:

  • name
  • age
  • contact info and shipping address
  • skin type
  • the Perricone MD products you’re currently using
  • current photo
  • a brief sentence on why you’d like to test the product

Thank you for your interest! We will try to respond to every inquiry, please kindly allow 72 hours response time. Please note that this is open to U.S residents, 18 years of age and over please. 




12 thoughts on “Coming Soon…OVM

  1. I love the products i have tried so far. I am on a budget and have to try things one at a time. My skin is really showing my age. I would love to try this product and do before and after photos.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Dr. P and have been for years! I model my diet around his suggestions and try to get his topicals whenever I can!
    My biggest concern, at 45, is the jawline! Looking for anything that will tighten that area!

    Thank you!

  3. I saw OVM on QVC but I didn’t buy it. Will be nice if I can try and see if it is indeed so great as it was presented to be.

  4. I am 48 years young, and for the past 10 years i used only dr P products from face wash to treatments cold plasma and all others vitamin c ester formula 15 as well total body vitamins and omega 3. my skin was red inflamted and itchy with large pores and redness around my nose and cheeks. improved dramatcley thanks to Dr. P! i am always trying his products when the come out and love them all . i would love to be the first to try the product. thank you .

  5. I am 57 years young thanks to Dr. Perricone! My life is full of stress and I truly feel that the Dr. Perricone products I use help me. I love all the products! I would be honored to test any product!

  6. I have been using Dr. Perricone’s many different products for many years. I have tried many & would love to be a “tester” for more products. Since I started I now have a regimen daily. Some people can never guess my age. They think I’m 20 years younger. Love my Perricone. Started many friends on his products – they see results.

  7. I would Love to test your new regenerating product. I am always looking for new products to try that make us women beautiful…Dry Skin

    Thank You,

    Ruby C Barton
    9503 NE 83rd CT.
    Vancouver, WA

  8. I have been using OVM since it’s debut on QVC, it is absolutely fantastic!!!! I have been a Perrricone Addict for well over 10 years now, can not live without the BluePlasma Duo, Acyl eye & face, as well as all the cold plasma products! thank-you once again for amking another fantastic product! would love to test up and coming new products. Thanks


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