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Dull Skin?


Our skin, the body’s primary defense against the elements, is easily damaged by both external factors, such as sunlight and pollution, as well as internal factors such as a diet lacking in nutrients and stress. Even with a near perfect diet and rigorous sun screen application, there are other biological factors that can lead to dull skin.

To better understand one of the most common contributors to dull skin, let’s examine the very outer layer of skin, the epidermis. The epidermis is surrounded by a layer known as the stratum corneum, which is thinner than a sheet of paper. This layer is a protective coating made of dead skin cells that forms when new cells are made in the skin’s deeper layers. These cells are pushed to the surface, flatten, and die. This outer layer is continually sloughed off as new cells are generated. In a young person, cell turnover occurs every 28-30 days. However, as we age the process slows and can take from 45- 50 days which is one of the main reasons skin appears dull and lack luster in our later years.

To help encourage healthy cellular turnover at any age, exfoliation is key. The right type of exfoliation is crucial, as granule based scrubs can actually cause more damage than good. Exfoliating with a non-abrasive, enzyme-based formula, such as Blue Plasma will gently help to encourage cellular turnover that may have slowed without redness or irritation. As an added bonus, treatment products perform better on freshly exfoliated skin.

What are your favorite products for brightening dull skin? 


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