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Getting the “No Makeup” Look


Erica spends much of her free time out doors in the Los Angeles heat riding her horses, so her main concerns are protecting her skin from sun damage and using an SPF makeup that makes her feel finished, but “not like she’s wearing makeup.”

1. Gentle Cleanser: Her skin tends to be on the drier side, and she prefers the Gentle Cleanser because it leaves her skin feeling “silky”. Formulated to be nourishing, Gentle Cleanser gently, yet deeply, removes any impurities and debris from her pores.

2. Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum: Once her skin is thoroughly cleansed, Erica applies a half a pump of the Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum to her orbital area, starting under the eye, massaging the product around the eye area, and onto the lid to prevent dryness and help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

3. No Concealer Concealer SPF 35: Next, Erica targets any areas of redness or discoloration on her face by dabbing just a bit of No Concealer Concealer SPF 35. Tip: No Concealer Concealer makes an excellent under eye concealer as well as a lid primer.

4. No Foundation Foundation SPF 30: Erica concentrates one pump of the No Foundation Foundation SPF 30 onto the center of her face and blends outward to the edges of her face.

What are your tips for a natural “No Makeup” look?

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