Combination? Sensitive? This SPF is Made for You.


For sensitive types, SPF can be the trickiest part of their skincare regimen. Many SPF’s are formulated with chemical sunscreens, which can often provoke sensitivity in a range of skin types. Photo Plasma is physical sunscreen made of micro-pulverized minerals to provide non-chemical broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Tip: If the sunscreen contains only Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, it is physical SPF.

People with enlarged pores or combination skin tend to be unhappy with “weighty” SPF’s go on thick and tend to sit on the skin, rather than absorb. Photo Plasma is an oil-free formulation, but you’d never know by touching it. It has an incredible lightweight texture and feels like cool air on your skin.

Photo Plasma’s hydrating ingredients keep skin look velvety, dewy and fresh while defending against environmental aggressors such as sun exposure, dehydration, pollution, harsh wind, excessive heat, extreme cold, heavy metals, smoke, stress and chemical irritants.

What are your questions about Photo Plasma? 


One thought on “Combination? Sensitive? This SPF is Made for You.

  1. Dr perricone
    You are a passionate over achiever (i love that). You are an inspiration, visionary, and push the boundaries to amazing heights! Thank you for creating photo plasma and constantly growing and moving up and beyond the “average thinker” skincare companies and dermatologists. There truly is only one DR PERRICONE!


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