Arugula and Spinach

Enjoy it Raw: Arugula


What’s the single nutritional maxim everyone can agree upon?

Eat your greens. And, as it turns out in the case of Arugula, serving it raw is especially key. Going raw is one of the best ways to preserve this leafy green’s delicate nutrients, enzymes and amino acids. Intact chlorophyll (raw) helps prevent DNA and liver damage from aflatoxins, which sometimes appear in corn-based products, peanut-based products and some tree nuts. And unlike many of members of the Brassicacae family, it also tastes delicious raw

Arugula’s dark color signifies its high levels of chlorophyll, which are molecularly similar to red blood cells (interestingly, the major difference is that red blood cells have iron atoms in their centers, while plant chlorophyll centers contain magnesium atoms). Dr. Perricone has written extensively on the health benefits of magnesium and its contribution to over 300 metabolic functions in the human body.

Arugula is also rich in the vitamin K family, a group of particular note for those with anti aging concerns such as bone density health, cardiovascular health and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin K2 is important for bone absorption of calcium vital for bone health, but not so understood is vitamin K’s contribution to cardiovascular health. Vitamin K is also thought to minimize brain matter calcifications that often result in Alzheimer’s disease.

What’s your favorite spring superfood? 


3 thoughts on “Enjoy it Raw: Arugula

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  2. I started juicing 1month ago I’ve never felt better. I’m not the biggest eater of veggies. But I love it in my juicer arugula spinach kale I recommend to anyone who wants to feel better and look better buy a juicer (magic billet) is the best also I practice everything that Dr Perricone writes , hes the best, I thank him for all his wisdom it’s changed my life!


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