Perricone MD moisturizer

Tips & Tricks

  • Even the driest skins are soothed by the therapeutic form of Vitamin E contained in our Deep Moisture Therapy. After applying your favorite day or night treatment, emulsify a small amount of Deep Moisture Therapy in your hands and press into skin, for lasting hydration.
  • Is the eye area your main concern? Apply Deep Wrinkle Serum around the orbital area before applying your primary eye treatment. The Deep Wrinkle Serum will help to infuse more hydration into the delicate eye area and the eye treatment will lock in the moisture.
  • Decongest pores with a do-it yourself mask. Work up a lather with your glycolic based bar (like the Glycolic Cleansing Bar.) Apply to skin and massage 3-5 minutes for a quick and gentle glycolic mask.
  • Going to work up a sweat? Cleanse skin first and apply Blue Plasma before your workout. You’ll get the benefit of an added glow of a deeper cleanse.

No Makeup Looks:

  • Concentrate on applying No Foundation Foundation in the center of your face, smoothing outwards. The center of the face is typically where women need the most coverage, whether it be redness around the nose or dark circles under the eye. Be sure to gently blend the product into the skin, leaving no unblended areas.
  • Makeup brushes are great, but for applying the No Foundation Foundation or No Concealer Concealer, the heat of your (clean) fingertips works like magic to help the product melt into the skin. Fingertips work well in applying these two products also because they are formulated with physical sun screens that can adhere to brush bristles.

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