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Pippa Vosper has been working as a fashion stylist for 10 years and has contributed to American Vogue, Interview and W magazine, as well as holding the coveted position of Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar UK. Pippa launched the fashion/maternity blog MaternallyChic in spring 2012 when she discovered she was pregnant, it has proven to be a huge hit with both fashion industry insiders and expectant mothers wishing to see just how to dress a pregnant bump in the latest designer collections. Visit Pippa at Maternally Chic or follow Pippa on twitter @pippavosper.
Winter is upon us and with the change in temperature and reduced daylight hours, I found my skin to be lacking its usual glow. As a new mother I am up through the night with my son, and even if I wanted to subject my skin to a harsh chemical peel, it would be out of the question for me to consider such a treatment at this stage.

With an intense chemical peel not being option, but still wishing to restoring my skin to its former summer glory, I looked to the exceptional Dermatologist I return to time and time again when needing specialist skin advice and was directed to the recently launched Blue Plasma non-acidic daily peel. This hugely advanced treatment works with bio-specific peeling to attack only dead skin cells, something that I found to be absolutely remarkable as I could clearly see the results in a matter of days.

The peel works to unclog and purify the skin of build-up and then Hydro-fusion rebalances the skin’s hydration with enriched water, so the drying effect of a harsh peel is not a factor with this more gentle process.

Although my disturbed sleep pattern and the dreaded elements of a biting winter in London are unavoidable, I am thrilled to say that this newest of miracle products from Dr. Perricone will see me through the coming months and ensure the pure, healthy glow I desire for my skin shall once again be restored.

What are your go-to products for instant radiance?


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