Dr. Perricone recommends these 4 easy beauty tips

4 Easy Beauty Rules to Follow


With so many resolutions in the air, here are 4 easy beauty rules to adopt in 2013:

1. Eat more healthy fats. Contrary to popular belief, eating more of the right fats can actually help you lose weight, feel full longer and  Best bets:  extra virgin coconut and olive oils, raw nuts, avocados and cold water fish.

Try: Adding unsweetened shredded coconut to your morning oatmeal and a small handful of chopped raw nuts to your salads.

2. Ditch scrubs. If you can see the granule (or piece of shell) it’s too large to penetrate into your pores. Essentially you’re just scratching your skin’s surface, which can create micro-tears, leading to thinner skin over time.

Try: Blue Plasma. It’s a gentle, non-acidic daily peel that imparts a boost of hydration while removing dead skin cells.

3. ‘Boost’ your routine. Using the same routine year round? Rediscover your favorite products by layering them over Cold Plasma. Thanks to Cold Plasma’s unique delivery system, products that are layered over this incredible formulation tend to work better and faster.

Try: Cold Plasma under your favorite treatment or moisturizer.

4. Invest in a high quality Omega-3 supplement. The scientific community has weighed in again and again on this subject, and the answer is to start taking an Omega-3 supplement daily for myriad health boons, including: a healthier heart, slimmer waist line and shinier hair, stronger nails and more supple skin. Do look for Omega-3’s that are purified and cleansed for heavy metals.

Try: Omega-3 Supplements. If fat loss is a goal, Dr. Perricone recommends taking 9,000 mg per day.

What beauty rules are you following for 2013?

2 thoughts on “4 Easy Beauty Rules to Follow

  1. I have been using Blue Plasma for several months, now I will not be with out it, the product is amazing, of how it removes the dead skin cells. I have been using Perirricone products for some time now , I am 66 years old and have always had very good skin, but I get more compliments on my skin and people never believe my age. You have to start young at taking care of you skin every DAY.


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