The New Way To Exfoliate


Forget old-school microdermabrasion that can leave skin red and raw. Forget scrubs made from nutshells and other “scratchy” objects. Forget peels that leave you with red, dry, flaky skin.

Dr. Perricone has created a new way to exfoliate with Blue Plasma.  With Blue Plasma you can now deeply (and gently) exfoliate daily with no skin damage, no flakes, no dryness, no increased environmental sensitivity and no down-time thanks to this break through formulation.

What is it?

Blue Plasma is non-acidic daily peel that delivers all the benefits of a traditional peel- minus the surface redness, downtime and irritation.

Is Blue Plasma Right for My Skin?

Blue Plasma has been formulated for all skin types and conditions- even the most sensitive. So whether you suffer from chronic redness associated with rosacea, or are acne prone with stubborn blackheads, Blue Plasma is for you.

What Results Will I See?  

You’ll see increased radiance, brightness, and glow which all increase with continued use. However, some of the more immediately gratifying benefits include cleaner (and smaller looking) pores, softened lines and unparalleled softness. Many testers of this product reported seeing cleaner skin after one application.

Skin appears fresher, cleaner and brighter, thanks to the gentle daily resurfacing and vital hydration Blue Plasma imparts.  In this way, it is unlike any other exfoliators on the market, which are typically used infrequently, once dead skin has already accumulated.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Perricone used cutting edge cosmeceutical engineering  to achieve 3 modes of action with Blue Plasma:

1. Bio-specific peeling of only dead skin cells, preserving healthy ones and accelerating cellular renewal

2. Micro-extraction of surface debris with deep action that purifies the skin of build-up and pollutants.

3. Hydro-fusion with nutrient rich water to smooth, soothe and hydrate skin’s surface.

How Do I Use It?

Apply Blue Plasma on cleansed and toned skin in the evening. Follow with your treatments and/or moisturizers as you normally would.

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3 thoughts on “The New Way To Exfoliate

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    • Great question Temi! Apply your Blue Plasma before either treatment. In the mornings, apply your Formula 15 over Blue Plasma. At night, apply your Vitamin C Ester 15 over Blue Plasma. Enjoy your products!


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