yoga pose - female in sport clothes performing exercise

Keep It Moving to Stay Firm


If you’re #1 concern is loss of elasticity, your routine should consist of plenty of DMAE-rich skincare, adequate protein and a gym membership. In addition to maintaining bone density and muscle quality, regular exercise provides real cosmetic benefits to the skin. And it doesn’t just stop at increased circulation either (which does impart an unfakeable radiant glow).  In fact, when the skin of those who exercise regularly is examined under a microscope, the impact of their fitness level becomes apparent. Their skin is actually thicker and has more and healthier collagen, the fibers that give the skin its strength and flexibility.

Studies also demonstrate that regular exercise boosts blood flow, which in turn carries more oxygen into the skin. Oxygen transports nutrients that improve skin health and help prevent broken capillaries and dullness.

What are your favorite forms of exercise?


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