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Getting the Most Out of Your Skincare


If you’ve ever wondered if the order in which you apply your products makes a difference, the answer is yes.  Certain moisturizers, for example, are formulated with barrier-like ingredients to trap moisturizer in. This of course means that the barrier will also keep out the potent ingredients in your favorite serum.   Here are some tips to maximize the benefits from your daily skincare routine:

  • Apply products from thinnest to thickest consistency.
  • For a basic skincare routine, Dr. Perricone recommends the following 3 Steps:  Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize. If you are targeting specific concerns, such as enlarged pores, sun damage, or lack of elasticity, the addition of a toner and targeted treatments is highly recommended.
  • The estheticians at our Flagship store recommend massaging cleansers into the skin for 1 minute. If using a Clarisonic brush, you can apply some cleanser directly onto the brush head.
  • Don’t be tempted to skip on a “separate” cream for the eyes. The skin around the eye area is especially thin and has the fewest oil glands, which means it needs a higher concentration of nutrients to help prevent the fragile skin from drying out, accentuating fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dr. Perricone recommends an antioxidant-rich treatment to defend skin against environmental damage, dehydration and loss of muscle tone.  Apply your serum or treatment on cleansed and toned skin, massaging the product into the skin in a firm upward motion. This gentle massage not only stimulates blood flow, it helps the active firming ingredient, DMAE, do its job.
  • Hydrate last to lock in moisture and protect your skin’s natural lipid barrier. Dr. Perricone recommends using a separate sunscreen, rather than a moisturizer with SPF included. This is for two reasons: 1. Most moisturizers with SPF are made with chemical moisturizers (rather than the natural, or physical SPF’s Dr. Perricone uses) and 2. The addition of an SPF means less room for the active ingredients in the moisturizer.
  • Avoid products formulated with parabens, mineral oil and phthalates as these ingredients are associated with higher levels of skin irritation.
  • Cold Plasma is excellent as a stand alone product to address the 10 signs of aging or, even better as “booster” product, to enhance the results of whatever you apply over it. Note: If using Vitamin C Ester 15, apply that first, then follow with Cold Plasma.

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