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How to Get the Look: Wide Awake Eyes


Eyes are the windows to the soul – how inspiring.  But they also are the first facial feature to show signs of aging – how uninspiring.  Seems a little dichotomous if you ask me.  Our eyes are a beautiful representation of where we have been, what we have seen and who we are, but in the same breath, a showing of how long we have been going, seeing and being is written all over them.  It’s like our eyes are the little sister that is constantly tattling on our life and revealing our secrets.  How rude.  But the beauty of revelations is the discovery that soon follows.  And when we know better, we do better – precisely the reason eye creams were born.

The challenge with many eye creams is the limited area of the eye that they are designed to treat.  Minimized crow’s feet with accompanying drooping eyelids seems quite non sequitur, and somewhat of a labyrinth to navigate during one’s makeup application.  Finally it seems there is an answer to bridging the gap – Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum – a mouthful to say but a dream to use.

A 360 degree approach to treating the eye – easily layered under accompanying eye creams or substantial in its own right.   Designed to dramatically improve the upper eye appearance by smoothing creases, reducing redness and tightening any sagging or droopy skin, this product also treats the area around the eye helping to minimize crow’s feet and diminish dark circles.

As one that carries the burden of oily eyelids, the challenge is always how it will wear throughout the day, and after a long 12 hour day of work and after work festivities, my eyelids were crease free and still smooth.  What was left was a bright, fully awake looking eye, none the wiser to the many hours of squinting, staring at a computer screen and laughing that I had put it through.

Being the makeup lover that I am, the best feature of this product is the ability to smooth the eyelid, acting as a primer for any eye makeup layered on top.  Upon first application, my skin immediately felt smoother and more taut, allowing the makeup to glide right on.  Since the texture is a lightweight gel, it did not add any extra bulk to the products I layered on top.

applying concealerWide awake eyes with Acyl Lid Serum

Here are my 3 steps for wide awake looking eyes:

  1. After smoothing on the serum around the entire eye, the next product to always follow suit is my trusty concealer which I also apply over the whole eye.
  2. Accompanying a smooth even tone eye area, I prefer a thicker, more dramatic mascara for day and just tone down the amount I wear.  Inky black, lush and long lashes are essential to creating a bright, doe-like eye.
  3. A dab of a lighter color eye shadow into the inner corner of the eye is the piece de resistance, finishing what the Acyl Lid Serum started.  Bright, fully awake looking eyes and that is no secret.

What are your tips for wide awake looking eyes?

Fueled by her love (obsession) of all things beauty, Maree Sye writes from the viewpoint of the everyday woman. Recently transitioning from a decade long career as an executive in the cosmetics industry to her current role as sales manager for a baby goods company, Maree has turned her insider information into a spectator sport. When she is not testing out beauty products and gabbing about them on The Daily Perricone blog, you can find her ramblings on A Little Bit etc, her personal fashion/beauty blog – a blog that is a little bit fashion, a little bit beauty and a whole lot of sass.  Follow Maree on twitter @alittlebitetc , Instagram @alittlebitetc, or follow her down the street if you like – most likely she is on her way to pick up a new lipstick.

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