red wine

3 Tips for Healthier Drinking


Along with hydrogenated oils, synthetic additives, sugars and starches, alcohol is one of the pro-aging foods I generally advise people to avoid.

I do not have any problem recommending a glass of red wine with a meal because it provides the very powerful anti-aging antioxidants called flavanols: blue-red-purple pigments that protect the body in many ways.

As Plato said, exaggerating a but perhaps, “Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man.” Recent studies show that drinking one glass of red wine every day may have certain health benefits, in part because of its high antioxidant content:

  • Protection against certain cancers
  • Protection against heart disease
  • A positive effect on cholesterol levels and blood pressure

If you like wine:

  • Drink with a meal, rather than before to blunt the inflammatory and liver stressing effects of alcohol.
  • Choose red over white wine. White wines do not have as many anti-aging antioxidants (flavanols).
  • Limit your wine servings to one per day.

What’s your favorite type of red wine?



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