The Pore Treatment that Works


True or false: You can change the size of your pores.

The answer: False. However, you can treat the causes of enlarged pores, which will keep pores cleaner.  Refining skin gradually with actives that deeply, yet gently, clean pores is the fastest way to help them appear significantly smaller in the shortest period of time- in fact, just two weeks is enough time to see a clear difference.

Here is a before and after photo contributed by a Natalie S., 38 after just two weeks of usage.

You can see clearly that Natalie’s skin appears less red and more even. The shine of her skin looks more like a glow and perhaps most striking of all is the refined texture of her skin. The consumer studies around the Intensive Pore Treatment proved exciting because they showed that this treatment can:

  • be used on all skin types
  • has anti-aging benefits since it’s formulated with DMAE, an antioxidant-like nutrient renowned for its ability to restore elasticity to aging skin, by helping to reinforce the cell wall.
  • has anti-bacterial, anti-acne properties since Alpha Lipoic Acid kills the bacteria that causes acne.

Here are more consumer usage studies:

Pores Minimized

  • 83% agreed they noticed a reduction in the appearance of their pores; pores looked smaller and more refined
  • 89% agreed their pores looked tighter and less stretched out

Oil Production Controlled

  • 95% agreed skin looked less oily and shiny; matte finish
  • 93% agreed skin appeared de-greased yet hydrated
  • 86% agreed their skin looked and felt less congested; less debris
  • 88% agreed their skin remained shine-free at the end of the day

Skin Firmed

  • 93% agreed that their skin looked and felt firmer; more elasticity
  • 93% agreed the “sagging wall” on their pores appeared tighter

*Based on 2 weeks application, morning and evening.

What results have you seen with an alpha lipoic acid based treatment?


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