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How to Get the Look: Polished Perfection


Fresh, radiant skin.  Just the description alone evokes feelings of happiness among women and beauty lovers everywhere.  The path to achieving it is where the wheels begin to fall off.  Striking a balance between glowing and shiny is often tricky, and must be managed cautiously.  Often the path to the aforementioned holy grail appearance of skin begins with the appropriate skincare and then finishes with the marriage to the right makeup.

As an oily-skinned gal myself, toning down the dewy is often my plight while many with dry skin seek to amp it up.  There is also an entire group of those in between, but our mission is all the same – skin that radiates an effortless glow.  How delightful sounding, yes?

Formula 15

After recently incorporating the new Formula 15 into my skincare regime, the path to the glow became easier than ever.   Formulated with Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, this product seeks to correct skin’s imperfections resulting in a smoother more radiant complexion.   I’m sold.  From first application, I fell in love with the lightweight texture that allowed it to melt effortlessly into the skin.  Being a makeup addict, ahem….lover, the true test for me is how the product wears under various foundations, powders, concealers – basically it must survive the makeup gauntlet.  Almost immediately upon application, my face felt smoother, and the makeup was able to glide right on my skin.  A mere 8 hours later, my skin still felt smooth and my  foundation looked picture perfect.  A feat in and of itself.  Though the immediate effects are quite pleasing, the results after only one week showed my skin clearer,  radiant and more even tone.  But a radiant complexion is a group effort and the makeup that you follow with is essential to achieving the final look.  Here is a look at my go-to products (yes, plural – it takes a village) for a polished and fresh face:

Maree's makeup picks

1. Choosing a base that works with your skin type is essential – work with what you have not against it.  Since I am naturally oily, my preference is always towards a matte finish foundation.  Radiant skin strikes that perfect balance between dewy and dull, balancing out the natural finish of your complexion.

2. Concealer is always my second step, as it should be used to cover what the foundation did not.  A lighter shade should be applied under the eye to brighten, while a shade closer to your skin tone can be applied to cover up any dark spots or blemishes.

3. Dusting a translucent loose powder across the forehead and down the center of the face helps to set the base and concealer.  I prefer a bronzer with subtle shimmer, as the disco ball finish is never my preferred look.  Swirl onto the cheeks and along the hairline to create a sun kissed look without the expense of the actual vacation.  If your bronzy glow is actually coming from your recent beach jaunt, then consider yourself lucky and down one step in the makeup routine.

4. Though most women stop at bronzer, I feel that a bright blush is the key to finishing any radiant look.  A vibrant peach or pink dabbed on the apples of the cheeks creates the most feminine and beautiful flush – a necessary step to complete the transformation from dull to dashing.  All put together, the finished look could resemble something like the look shown at the top of the entry.

What are your favorite products to achieve a radiant glow?  Do you rely on your skincare to set the stage for a glamorous finish?  Share in the comments your favorite Perricone products that help you achieve a flawless look.

Fueled by her love (obsession) of all things beauty, Maree Sye writes from the viewpoint of the everyday woman. Recently transitioning from a decade long career as an executive in the cosmetics industry to her current role as sales manager for a baby goods company, Maree has turned her insider information into a spectator sport. When she is not testing out beauty products and gabbing about them on The Daily Perricone blog, you can find her ramblings on A Little Bit etc, her personal fashion/beauty blog – a blog that is a little bit fashion, a little bit beauty and a whole lot of sass.  Follow Maree on twitter @alittlebitetc , Instagram @alittlebitetc, or follow her down the street if you like – most likely she is on her way to pick up a new lipstick.




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