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Get the Look: Glowing Skin


Oxblood lips. Cat-eye inspired liner. Metallic lids…the fall beauty trends we saw on the catwalks during New York’s Fashion Week may have been diverse; but one aspect of each model’s look was constant: the skin.

Models were flaunting especially luscious, dewy, lit-from-within, glowing skin. Luminous, glossy skin is actually much easier to translate into an everyday look than some of the edgier or trendier makeup looks. Another plus is that dewy, glowing skin is actually much more flattering than the matte alternative. Matte looks tend to rely on powders to keep shine (nay, glow) at bay which invariably settles in skin’s pores, lines and wrinkles.

The good news is that glowing skin isn’t a secret. Here are some of our tips:

  1. Eat for the Glow: As Dr. Perricone says, our skin is a barometer of our overall health, so do follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Bright vegetables, dark leafy greens, cold-water fish and healthy fats are the key to supple, glowing skin from the inside out. If you’re not taking an Omega-3 supplement, you’re depriving your skin, hair and brain.
  2. Stop Stripping: Look for a non-stripping cleanser. This is essential as skin will look flat and less radiant if the outer moisture barrier is stripped. Skin should not feel tight after washing. Fall is the perfect time to switch up your summer cleanser for a more hydrating formulation.
  3. Attract the Moisture. Look for moisturizers with hydrating properties (ingredients that attract and bind moisture to the skin), such as sodium hyaluronic acid, tocotrienols, and phospholipids that are made with a delivery system that will drive these ingredients into the skin. A great way to upgrade your favorite skincare product is to layer it over Cold Plasma, which will amplify the results by enhancing the absorption of it.

Stay tuned for more tips for glowing skin.


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