Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum

A Filler on the Go


I consider Deep Wrinkle Serum to be a kind of a skincare swiss army knife. It hydrates, “fills”, plumps and calms almost any skin type instantly. I tend to be on the normal/oily side, with some dryness in certain areas, like the area around my eyes and in the smile creases and this is my favorite way to hydrate those targeted areas. While it may be no news that adequately hydrated skin doesn’t show imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles as obviously, I have to say that the results of Deep Wrinkle Serum are well beyond just basic hydration. It’s actually kind of magical to watch. Deep Wrinkle Serum has almost a water-like fluid texture and is packed with a potent cocktail of Neuropeptides and phospholipids, which, together relax the lines (almost like the stiffness of the line is gone) and go to work repairing the tiny micro-tears that make up the wrinkle, giving a significant ‘plumping effect’. Thanks to the sodium hyaluronic acid base, it actually binds moisture to your skin throughout the day, ensuring that makeup goes on more evenly and no cake-y patches occur.

Remember, you will see instant results, but only with continued use will you see skin transforming benefits. Lastly, I love that it’s a clean formulation, free of synthetic waxes, actual fillers, optical diffusers, fragrances or parabens in this serum.

My Deep Wrinkle Serum Tips:

  • Add a drop or two under the eye area before you apply your eye treatment.
  • Massage the drops into any visible line- you’ll see a difference.
  • Add a drop to the lip area before applying a lip treatment. Lips appear fuller and more hydrated.
  • Keep it in your purse and dap a drop on here or there throughout the day.

What are your Deep Wrinkle Serum tips?  


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