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8 External Aging Factors


Ever stand inches away from the mirror, closely examining your face because you’re sure you see a wrinkle that was absolutely not there the day before? Relax. Time does not march on quite that fast.

In fact, time is not your skin’s greatest enemy. The natural aging process gets a tremendous push from these major external factors:

  • sun exposure- as evidenced by this recent picture that’s caused a flurry of posts and sharing
  • cigarette smoke (inhaled or second hand)
  • environmental toxins
  • a nutrition-poor diet, especially one lacking in vitamins A, C, E and folic acid; yet high in fat and salt
  • excess alcohol consumption
  • stress
  • harsh soaps or detergent-based moisturizers
  • sleep deprivation

How do you guard against environmental factors of aging?


2 thoughts on “8 External Aging Factors

  1. All the major external factors mentioned, except the sun, are big acid contributors to the body.
    Acid causes dehydration of the cells. The intracellular fluids diminish because we loose a lot of potassium. Acid causes the bones to get brittle and causes the cartilage to lose its flexibillity. Acid cause the muscles to lose their tone because of the loss of magnesium. Cell damage occurs because the poly-unsaturated fats, escpecially in the cell walls are used to buffer acids.

    When our cells, bones, muscles and cartilage lose their strength and drie up we will eventually look like dried prunes when we look in the mirror.

    Eating more Green foods, Raw foods and unprocessed oils and minerals is the solution. In combination we should quit acidic food and habits. Cut back or eliminate processed foods, sugars, coffee, alcohol, sodas, colas, animal protein.

    I believe we are supposed to get old in a healthy way and normal pace.

    Best regards,


  2. Wow, i just check link with the story about the photo of this 69 year old truck driver. I have never seen such a good example of the long term effect of UVA exposure.

    Dr. Perricone
    Could this be avoided by using a sun-block or do you suggest anything additional?

    Best regards,



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