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3 Scary Skin Changes


“We do not have to age the way our parents did.” – Dr. Nicholas Perricone

It’s true- thanks in part to the technological advancements in skin care and increased knowledge about skin’s underlying structure. Here are 3 potentially worrisome changes that skin undergoes as we age and some product fixes that can help.

1. Skin Change: Increased dryness. After age 30, skin’s oil glands reduce their production significantly, and the loss continues as we age.

Fix: Upgrade your moisturizer to a more nourishing, antioxidant based formula. Tip: Don’t be fooled by “rich” feeling moisturizers containing mineral-oil. This is a cheap filler ingredient that can actually act as a barrier to allowing the nutrients into the skin.

2. Skin Change:  Age spots. Visible hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. Melanocytes actually “burn out” at around the 30’s or 40’s, which reduces the skin’s natural defense mechanism to fight sun damage, often resulting in uneven pigmentation.

Fix: Seek out a corrective treatment that works to “erase” sun spots and uneven pigmentation. Tip: Opt for a hydroquinone (bleach)-free formulation for optimum skin health.

Product pick: Vitamin C Ester 15. Fast acting and safe product to visibly break up and erase hyperpigmenation. A must have for anyone with sun damage.

3. Skin Change: Thinning. Thinning skin caused by the dermis and the skin’s fat layer thinning (around age 40 typically) and picking up speed around age 50 for most women. This results in the visible sagging of the skin and the loss of that plump, supple look. Even worse? This loss of the fat layer actually makes skin even more susceptible to damage and abrasion.

Fix: Incorporate products that enhance collagen and elastin production to help “redensify” skin’s appearance. Retinol and Vitamin C Ester are ingredients to look for.

Product picks: HP Amine Face Lift formulated with Vitamin C Ester and pycnogenol, a skin strengthener. HP Evening Evening Repair formulated with a therapeutic dose of retinol to encourage cell turn over and repair.

What changes have you noticed in your skin as you’ve aged?

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