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The Fat-Free Rash?


In the Perricone Prescription, Dr. Perricone discusses a case study in which a patient suffered from a chronic rash. He had this rash for several years, only to see it steadily getting worse despite treating it with over the counter moisturizers. During the consultation, the patient shared that at the age of 14, he had drastically changed his diet, cutting out all fats. After years of this extreme high-protein, low carbohydrate diet, his skin was worsening. He had redness and scaling on many parts of his body, resulting in a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis, also referred to as eczema. This is a fairly common condition based on a dysfunction in the immune system in which a deficiency in the body’s ability to convert essential fatty acids into their active form is seen. Extreme fat- free diets can inhibit the body’s ability to use these healthy fats, resulting in a host of symptoms known as essential fatty acid deficiency.

For more on the signs of essential fatty acid deficiency, tune in tomorrow.


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