How To: The Metabolic Shake


Claire shares her tips on how to make the best tasting Metabolic shake from Dr. Perricone’s Forever Young

The basic recipe for the Metabolic Diet shake can be found here.

Metabolic Formula Shake Tips:

  • If you’re doing the Metabolic Diet, I highly recommend the Metabolic Formula supplements. They cut cravings and help keep me energized.
  • I use frozen blueberries from Vital Choice. I defrost them for 45 seconds  in the microwave and add 2-3 teaspoons of water to help them blend more smoothly.
  • For the egg whites; just make sure they’re pasteurized. I like Eggology.
  • Thoroughly mix the blueberries before you add the egg whites. Once I add the egg whites, I only  do a quick blend, so it’s not too frothy in texture.
  • Add some chia seeds to the shake to help keep you full
  • I also add coconut oil for EFA benefits. I microwave the coconut oil for under 10 seconds, so its liquid. Then I slowly add it to the shake to prevent clumping.

How do you make your shake?

4 thoughts on “How To: The Metabolic Shake

  1. Amazed that people are using the microwave oven to soften heat food It changes the total chemical structure of the food and it is very difficult for the body to absorb. In the early days of micro ovens blood transfusions put into the micro ovens to take the chill off the blood killed people . It was merely seconds so imagine what you are doing to the food ..making it dead food for the body


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