sun's dangerous UVA/UVB rays

To Absorb or Deflect?


How exactly do sunscreens function?

Chemical sunscreens, found in most makeup, work by being absorbed into the skin’s top layer and either deflect UV rays, or absorb them and convert the rays into something harmless. Chemical sunscreens often protect against one type of UV light and thus need to be combined; otherwise skin is partially protected and still susceptible to sun damage.

Dr. Perricone formulated his No Makeup products with non-chemical sunscreens, also known as “physical” blockers, to protect skin against irritation and offer complete sun protection. These non-chemical sunscreens work by sitting on top of skin and providing a physical barrier against UV rays, essentially deflecting them like a shield and thus preventing sun damage. Because they act as a physical barrier, they provide complete broad spectrum protection from the sun’s aging and burning rays (UVA and UVB).

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One thought on “To Absorb or Deflect?

  1. Great article and I love the NFF and now excited about the NCC. If you had a higher spf in the NFF would it protect me even more when riding my horse in the hot NM sun? I still get some color from the sun even w/ it. (I do wear a hat and long sleeve blouse – usually buttoned up – sometimes a scarf too, if not too hot!)


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