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Hidden Chemical Sunscreens


We’ve all heard about the dangers of sun damage and the importance of sun screen. But selecting the wrong SPF can wreck havoc on your skin- especially if it’s a chemical sunscreen. One of the biggest secret offenders? Makeup.

And we apply it almost everyday. This is problematic because it can create sensitivity issues and even severe reactions over time. Chemical sunscreens can be hidden in your everyday foundation, concealer and even tinted moisturizers. Despite the fact that chemical sunscreens are far more likely to cause allergic reactions and irritate the skin, many companies continue to use them because: 1. they’re cheaper than using an expensive non-chemical SPF and 2. Until recently, non-chemical sun screens would feel heavier and sometimes add a white pigment to makeup.

Stay tuned for a tomorrow’s entry discussing the non-chemical sunscreens found in Perricone MD products.

What type of sunscreen is in your foundation or tint?

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