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The Perricone Kitchen: Time Saving Tips


Eggs and egg whites are protein-rich, low calorie staples of the anti inflammatory kitchen, so I prepare them often, adding different herbs, spices and seasonings. Unfortunately, I find that the clean up from the mixing bowls is my least favorite part! I’ve found this time saving tip so helpful to cut my frittata prep time. .

Note: when looking for egg whites, Dr. Perricone recommends buying brands that source from free- range, cage-free chickens.

1. Unscrew the cap

anti aging favorite, egg whites2. Add whatever spices you like (chili flake and black pepper are pictured, yes I like lots of chili flake!). If you follow Dr. Perricone’s recommended mixture of 2 egg whites to 1 yolk, simply crack the egg into your egg white container.

Egg Whites with anti inflammatory chili flakes

3. Replace cap and shake to mix

Voila! Mixed egg whites are ready to be poured directly into a pan.

What are some of your time saving tips?




2 thoughts on “The Perricone Kitchen: Time Saving Tips

  1. Time-saving tip: I like to make “Night-Before Oatmeal”. Put a serving of organic rolled or steel cut oats, a serving of hot coconut milk, and a little stevia & saigon cinnamon into a vacuum-sealed thermos bottle and set on the counter overnight. The oats will steam to perfection, and in the morning you’ll have an instant hot breakfast! Add some organic blueberries for an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory kick!

  2. What a sweet idea!! I have been purchasing the Eggology brand recommended by Dr. Perricone for the Metabolic Diet. The product comes in a large 32 oz. container, I’m thinking I can make a monster spinach and salmon egg fritata with less mess the next time my 4 sisters, Mom, and I have an amazing Mother/Daughter week!! In the meantime, I will now purchase the adorable 6oz containers that come in a cute little four pack at Whole Foods Market for my personal use!! Thanks so much, love less clean up time!! The brand you have pictured here, how cute is it that it comes as 1 pound!!


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