Start Fresh: 3rd Place Winners


Anti Aging Rx for 2012Congratulations to our 3rd place Start Fresh winners!  They will each receive a box of  Skin & Total Body and a 30 day supply of Omega-3 soft gels.

Trudy Butler:  ” Lost 8lbs and feel great. I’ll be 62 this year and never felt better!”

Lisa Pickard: “Thanks – plan now is to go back to Metabolic Diet for 10 more days, then just follow the eating plans already laid out in the 28 day plan. Mostly fish, my new favorite, watercress – no more refined sugar or coffee. I’ll definitely keep posting as that has been a great source of information and motivation. Have a little savings going for a jar of Cold Plasma for my birthday!”

Dorothy Burke: “I still have a long way to go. You guys should try the recipes under the recipe tab. You will love them all, what is great is the whole family can enjoy them too. My abso fav is the smoked paprika salmon w/ wilted watercress and every other one ties for 2nd!! It’s a great lifestyle.”

Do you have questions about the Start Fresh diet or results? Ask our 3rd place winners on the Perricone MD Facebook Page.

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