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Start Fresh: 1st Place Winners


A huge congratulations to ALL of our Start Fresh contestants! Your dedication, results and positive sentiments throughout added so much to Start Fresh 2012.

It was so difficult decision year for the Perricone MD Team. Congratulations to our 1st place winners Jamie Blair, Pam Fowler and Toni Cueto. The 1st place winners will each receive a 3 day trip to The W in Hollywood, CA,  (1) $1000 Perricone MD shopping spree and (1) $150 gift card to Vital Choice.

Jamie Blair After

“I was shocked to see the difference in my before and after photos!! Aside from the tangible results, the weight loss and glowing skin, it’s the intangibles that I’m most excited about – I feel So Happy, So Good about myself!! I am Totally Fired Up and excited to continue my healthy journey of creating a powerful body – inside and out!!”- Jamie Blaire

Pam Fowler After

“It’s wonderful not being flushed as I usually was previous to the challenge. My pore size has shrunk also. All changes that have occurred in the past month while on the challenge are great ones.”- Pam Fowler

Toni Cueto After

“So thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to participate in this life changing contest. It was a pleasure. This is the Winning Formula! Goodluck Perriconistas – what a wonderful support group.”- Toni Cueto

Please email us at to claim your prize.

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