Microcurrent Facials vs. Botox


Q. Why do you offer Microcurrent, but not Botox at the Flagship?

At the Perricone MD Flagship, we offer cutting edge facial treatments, including Microcurrent technology, which has garnered much attention in the press recently. Dr. Perricone doesn’t believe in using Botox at all as it paralyzes the muscle, causing it to weaken and hang slack over time. He believes Microcurrent, plus the anti inflammatory diet and topicals, is the best anti­ aging approach. Microcurrent, or what Elle Magazine calls Electric Facials, help build the natural curves or “convexities” in the face. Stay tuned to hear what our customers are saying about Microcurrent Facials.

As a complimentary offer to our Fans, we are offering the first 15 people to book Electro Stim Facials at our Flagship Store half price ($125). Please call or email to redeem and mention the Perricone Blog when booking.

Have you ever tried a Microcurrent facial?

8 thoughts on “Microcurrent Facials vs. Botox

  1. I’d love to do a microfacial however I am a million miles away from NYC in the middle of NM!
    What is the best home brand of microcurrent device to use at home? I doubt if there is anywhere close by me that even does microcurrent. Thanks, Ilove your products and use them faithfully aas well as following your anti inflammitory diet.

    • I am wondering if anyone responded with a good microcurrent device, i believe nuskin has one but i would like to know of other options

      • Hi Bren. Unfortunately, we haven’t tried NuSkin’s device. Typically hand held devices work at a much lesser strength- the best results are seen with a professional strength machine under a licensed esthetician’s care. As soon as we know of a great hand held, we’ll let you know!

  2. Wow! I am so glad I came across your recent post today. I had an appointment to have some Botox injected just above my eyebrows to open up the look of my eyes. My sister had this done a few times and recommended it to me. If your saying the muscles wind up sagging that is something everyone should know. I think I’ll try your Facial idea first. Thanks for the valuable info. I love using Anti Aging skin care to help stay young.

  3. Thank you for a validation of what I have been telling my client’s for years. I am in Anaheim Hills, CA and have been offering MicroCurrent for a few years now, achieving amazing results. All of my MicroCurrent clients no longer feel the Botox need.

  4. Thanks for this info! I’m an acupuncturist in Boulder, Colorado and I agree. I work with and have experienced micro current facials and it’s fantastic! More effective and fun than needles. I nourish my clients with herbs and acupuncture to balance their body so the skin gains suppleness. So glad you are aware and working this way. I’d love to experience one of your treatments!

    • Hello, and thank you for your validation. It means a lot coming from you! Ihave used mircrocurrent for the last 20 years on my skin and I look a good 10 to 15 years younger. I currently have a practice in Boulder, CO. I truly love this instrument and highly recommend it.


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