Beauty Emergency: Anti Aging Elixir


Theresa, a Perriconista of 10 years, credits the 28 Day Diet and regular Green Tea consumption with her beautiful skin.

Tea is now praised so frequently, we might actually need a refresher on its numerous health benefits. Tea boosts your immune system, stabilizes cholesterol levels and helps to fend off infection. An ideal example of the Brain Beauty Connection, tea provides amazing beauty benefits such as reducing and preventing acne, slowing the aging process to prevent wrinkles, and promotes weight loss.

Dr. Perricone recommends Green Tea especially, as it contains one of the most important polyphenols in tea is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a potent antioxidant that contributes to the protective cardiovascular and neurological effects reported in many studies.

As a result of minimal processing, green tea retains its natural appearance and vibrant color as well as the high levels of the plant’s health properties. Green tea varies dramatically in flavor from grassy and sweet, to floral and fresh, to nutty and roasted. Green tea’s flavor depends on the plant, season of harvest, soil, elevation, weather, cultivation, and origin. Each region has its own distinct flavor and aroma.

What is your favorite type of tea?

8 thoughts on “Beauty Emergency: Anti Aging Elixir

  1. Great information and thanks for the reminder, sis. I love green tea and really like it when it has some fruit flavor added. Nice pics too.

  2. I love Yogi brand Green Tea Kombucha. Does that fit in the right category of Green Teas? I hope so and would really like to know.

  3. You are gorgeous! If this what Dr Perricone and green tea do for me…I’m in! I’m at the beginning of my (hopefully) transformation and I already feel different.


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