Beauty Emergency: Rosacea Flare Up


A nationally renowned Esthetician, today’s guest blogger, Sueane Mun is also endowed with an all-encompassing interest in holistic health.  She brings to the Perricone MD Flagship Store over a decade of professional experience in the fashion & beauty industry combined with rigorous training in the Eastern Healing Arts.

Rosacea can be one of the most difficult skin conditions to manage. It is a systemic problem due to chronic inflammation and can just “flare up” at unexpected times. Unfortunately, people who have Rosacea experience some difficult symptoms including: weakened collagen, clogged pores, and dilated capillaries, which can give the skin a red, and almost acne-like, rash. Here are my tips to calm a flare up:

  • Follow Dr. Perricone’s anti-inflammatory diet.  Eat more Wild Alaskan Salmon and dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach and watercress. Complex carbs such as Quinoa, beans and vegetables are a must!
  • Supplements are your nutritional safety net- increase your intake of Omega-3s, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester.
  • No harsh scrubs or chemicals to be used topically ever. Remember, over-exfoliating creates inflammation on the skin and damages the epidermis leading to advanced aging.
  • Decline from drinking alcohol, sugar, wheat, all sodas including diet, coffee, fried, spicy and processed fast food. I can tell with my Rosacea clients whether they’ve indulged on a night on the town drinking alcohol. The skin does not lie!
  • There is no cure for Rosacea, but many of my clients who suffer from it find that Cold Plasma and the Acyl-Glutathione have significantly brought down inflammation in the skin, making their skin less red.

How do you control a Rosacea flare up or a breakout?

8 thoughts on “Beauty Emergency: Rosacea Flare Up

  1. I started using the cold plasma and acyl-g and have noticed are huge decrease in redness. Is it ok to add a retinol night cream with rosacea? Or is this the topical chemicals you wrote about. I want to add another anti aging component to my skincare but not if it will make the rosacea worse. I have been on every prescription possible and appear to be doing the best with the CP and Acyl g combo. It is a frustrating skin condition.

    • Hi Melissa. If you are interested in a Retinoid, try the HP Evening Repair. Make sure you do a patch test first to ensure no irritation.

  2. If I use Cold Plasma and Acyl-G (and I do), do I use both at once, and if so, in what order? Or one in the AM and one at Night?
    Many thanks,

  3. This is the first time I read about rosacea and an outlook on what is happening inside my body. I now can accept my condition is rosacea, because I get flares when I binge on whatever it is that gives me inflamattion. For sure it is the excess of sugars, wheat, and other killer foods. So my solution would not be beauty products like the girls at the cosmetics’ counter say, but better nutrition and supplementation like Dr. Perricone says.
    Thanks for the info. Now I need to be able to break away from it all. These foods are powerful and have been my pitfall for ever! Help.

  4. You know how when you have rosacea and you just bend your head forward to splash water and your face turns red? With Made from Earth’s Green Tea Cleanser that doesn’t happen! I use it morning and night and have done so for about a year. It gets the makeup off and leaves nothing behind. Follow it up with the Made From Earth Rosehip Serum. Rosacea is under control. Not gone altogether- that would take IPL treatmetns but there is no new redness or bumps and my facial itching is a think of the past. I’ve suffered with pretty bad rosacea for 10 years.


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