Beauty Secrets – Could You Be Harming Your Skin?


A nationally renowned Esthetician, today’s guest blogger, Sueane Mun is also endowed with an all-encompassing interest in holistic health.  She brings to the Perricone MD Flagship Store over a decade of professional experience in the fashion & beauty industry combined with rigorous training in the Eastern Healing Arts.

I see a lot of people who unknowingly damage their skin doing at home facials. Some cardinal, yet common, sins include:

  • Over exfoliation: People over exfoliate at home, using abrasive scrubs and often too frequently.  The granules in scrubs are too large to actually penetrate the pores. As Dr. Perricone teaches us, they just scratch skin’s surface, which can lead to thinning.
  • Hot water: Do not take hot showers or use hot water when cleansing! This can lead to inflammation and dryness.
  • Steaming: It’s not always the answer! I see many women who think that steaming will rid skin of its impurities, when in fact it can irritate skin and even break capillaries. Broken capillaries are even more pronounced as we age.
  • Use of the magnifying mirror: Put them down! I’ve found that it typically aids and abets compulsive “pickers”
  • Cleanse before bed: This is an ‘always’ rule, even if you don’t wear makeup.

Do you do any of these? What habits have you broken to protect your skin?


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