The Bathroom Scale – Friend or Foe?


Most people assume a healthy weight can be determined by the reading on the bathroom scale.  However this is not an accurate assessment of ‘healthy’ weight.  It is not the amount of weight one loses that is the most important measure of well-being, but rather the kind of weight one loses.  The secret is our body composition index (BCI) in determining healthy weight.  If we gain two pounds of lean muscle mass and lose two pounds of body fat, our scale weight will not have changed but we will be in better shape.  Our goal is to lose body fat and maintain and/or restore muscle mass—not the other way around.

As we age, many people lose ten pounds of muscle mass and gain ten pounds of body fat with each decade.  Daily supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may boost the production of muscle protein in older people, and reduce the risk of degenerative muscle loss, as suggested by data from a new human trial recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Weight training is another important step to include to your daily workout routines to maintain muscle mass as well.

What steps do you take to maintain muscle mass?


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