Asparagus – The Glutathione Booster


Asparagus has an abundance of glutathione, an essential tripeptide antioxidant found within our cells.  This is one of the body’s most effective fighters of cell-damaging free radicals, and it constitutes a critical part of our antioxidant defense system.  Glutathione also detoxifies certain carcinogens and protects against chemicals that promote cell transformation or cell death.

Fortunately, April is  the season for fresh asparagus!  Head down to your local grocery store or farmers’ market and take advantage of all the different varieties and colors of this glutathione-rich vegetable.  Perfect in soups, salads or stand alone side-dishes, asparagus is even fantastic raw.

What is your favorite way to prepare glutathione-rich asparagus?

One thought on “Asparagus – The Glutathione Booster

  1. WOW! Just look in the mirror the next morning after eating asparagus the night before….
    In Washington state I find it growing wild by the road side and in vacant fields….. Watercress I find growing wild by natural springs of water…..
    This is a very inexpensive beauty treatment for me…..


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