Start Fresh: Moderation is Key


Moderate, regular exercise is vital to your health and is unsurpassed at lowering blood sugar, a key anti-aging strategy.  There are many studies proving that exercise can take off pounds, reduce the incidence of heart disease, lower blood pressure, improve mood, solve sleep problems, and even cut the risk of certain cancers.  Exercise will also ensure that you have beautiful skin.  Studies have indicated that exercise benefits the skin in much the same way it improves bone and muscle quality.

When setting your exercise schedule and creating fitness goals, it’s important to have a balanced approach and not go overboard.   Overexercising can produce inflammation-generating free radicals.  It is not just pollution, poor diet and the like that generate an abundance of free radicals; they also result from the metabolic process that takes place from overexercising and can damage the cell’s DNA.

What types of exercise do you do to stay healthy?

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