Start Fresh and Stop Stressing


Stress can easily sabotage New Year’s resolutions, especially if they relate to weight loss, exercise, or maintaining healthy habits.  Studies have shown that stress can slow metabolism and accelerate aging and disease.  When you’re under stress, your immune system is also compromised, weakening your ability to ward off invading organisms.  While it can be a challenge, it’s important to take steps daily to keep stress in check.

Here are some great ways to reduce stress in your life:

  • Yoga
  • Spending time with pets
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep
  • Massage
  • Outdoor activities like hiking
  • Meditation
  • Reducing caffeine intake
  • Scheduling ‘me’ time

What are your favorite stress-reducing activities?

3 thoughts on “Start Fresh and Stop Stressing

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  2. I love making sure everything and everyone is taken care of. Then I announce, “I am going to take a nice long bath, if you need me, I’ll be out in an hour.”

    This has gotten a lot easier since my two children have gone to college, ha ha, but even when they were younger 10-11, I started doing this.

    It re-energizes me, relaxes me. It makes taking care of others more enjoyable, and less like a task.

    No cell phone. My husband has everything covered. He knows it’s me time. The kids no not to knock on the door (even if they are home for break).

    I use bath salts, drink tea, read my favorite mag or book, or do nothing.

    That’s how I do me time.

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