Forever Young: Fall Colors


We all know how important it is to stick to the rainbow colors when choosing fruits and vegetables, but these aren’t the only colors that should grace your table.   Rich fall colors, like deep brown, golden yellow, and rich burgundy should also be incorporated in your diet.  These foods are often found in the bulk food department and are ideal for healthy breakfasts, snacks, salad toppers and side dishes.

Foods to add to your grocery list:

  • Dark Red Kidney Beans
  • Black and Red Lentils
  • Golden Oats
  • Warm Brown Walnuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Almonds
  • Bright Green Pumpkin Seeds

Tip: Always store almonds, oats, walnuts and dried beans in air-tight containers to retain their freshness and nutritional value.

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3 thoughts on “Forever Young: Fall Colors

  1. I have two important questions: How or where can we purchase phermones? I have only seen them on QVC (“Synergy”) twice but otherwise can you make this available on your site or another? Also can you suggest places to purchace Watercress? It used to grow wild here until houses were built! My husband used to eat watercress sandwiches growing up here! Please help with solutions to both. Thanks!

    • Our pheromone-based product “Synergy” is currently being reformulated and will be re-launched on Perricone MD in the future. Watercress can be purchased at your nearest Whole Foods. Farmers markets and coops often carry watercress as well.

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