A Message from Dr. Perricone


I have long written about the miracle of certain foods that we call ‘superfoods.’  Imaging my surprise to discover that Twinkies are one of them!

In this hysterically funny parody of the superfood genre, Twinkies are added to the list of foods that will keep you young and vibrant.  For all of you Twinkie fans, the sad but true news is that Twinkies are a very poor choice if you want to enhance your overall health and well-being.  Perhaps this will encourage and inspire the Twinkies people to create a ‘green’ Twinkie—one that we can proudly add to the superfood list!

That said, if you need a good laugh, click here to read this delightful satire.  It proves once again that laughter (and not Twinkies) is the best medicine.

One thought on “A Message from Dr. Perricone

  1. I think there’s some truth to the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” because I would normally NEVER think of Twinkies as appealing; however, in this image they actually look tasty! Yeeks. Perhaps next time you can use an image of cellulite paired with the Twinkies to get the “real” message across. 😉


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