Dr. Perricone Q&A: Spider Veins


I always hide behind a long cover-up because my legs have tiny veins all over them.  What can I do to diminish these veins and get my legs ‘beach beautiful’?
Joanna – San Diego, CA

Those tiny veins (sometimes referred to as “spider veins”) are broken capillaries.  As women age, they begin to lose estrogen and their skin becomes thinner, making it more susceptible to broken capillaries – the tiny veins that suddenly begin to surface on and around your nose and cheeks.  Sun exposure and alcohol consumption can also contribute to the appearance of broken capillaries.  I’ve recently developed a new product that’s debuting early next month, Cold Plasma Body, to help address pesky spider veins. You should also check with your dermatologist about other treatment options.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Perricone Q&A: Spider Veins

  1. Dear Dr.
    Your products are probably great to use, but unfortunately affordable only for the wealthy. I guess I will continue to have spider veins. Your Cold Plasma Body, it will probably be as expensive as your other skin products.
    I read your book “The Perricone Promise”, and in theory sounds great. But in order to have the great skin and health you promise I would have to earn three times my payckeck everymonth. :(

    • I feel the same way, Laura. I would love to be able to use Cold Plasma and purchase the supplements–but I, like you, would have to make a lot more money. Working two jobs just to make ends meet isn’t going to enable me to follow the Perricone lifestyle.

      • Greetings Mr. Perricone
        Your products are probably great to use, but unfortunately affordable only for the wealthy…………………I would have to earn three times my payckeck every month

        Hey doc can you create a program where potential customers like these can sell your product earn a commission and spend that commission on more of your products so that way they would become within the newly created budgets of these nice folk.. it’s just a thought.. Thanks for all your great products…

  2. I too agree about the prices. I am on a limited income being a Senior and cannot afford the high prices. I really need help with my pores and of coarse me aging skin. Iguess eating right, which I do will help.


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