Start Adding Almonds


Just as many foods wreak havoc with our blood-sugar and insulin levels (think pasta, bagels and chips), other foods help stabilize blood sugar.  Almonds, one of our favorite foods, fall into the latter category.

Nutrient-rich almonds have been found to reduce LDL cholesterol levels.  But did you know they can help you curb your appetite as well?  Studies show that eating almonds can decrease our blood sugar and insulin responses to high-carbohydrate meals, the factors that increase appetite.

Be sure to add a handful of these to your meals when you can.  Besides being a great bread crumb substitute, you can add sliced or chopped almonds to salads, cereal and yogurt or pair them with an apple and a slice of cheese for a healthy snack.  Raw, organic almond butter is also a much healthier and better-tasting alternative to peanut butter.

So go nuts and start adding almonds to your meals and snacks!

What are your favorite ways to incorporate almonds into your day?


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