Uncovering Your Inner Strength


Scientists long ago established the exercise greatly reduces both the incidence and severity of age-related degenerative diseases. But we don’t want to live longer; we want to extend the number of our healthy years. We want to stay fit and active with the capacity to enjoy life to its fullest.

I have recently had the good fortune to meet Wini Linguvic (www.bodychange.com) – sought after personal trainer and fitness consultant. Wini has been a certified fitness instructor and trainer for more than two decades and shared with me the following thoughts on how to jump-start your fitness in the New Year!

A comprehensive yoga program gets you strong. Standing poses, balancing your weight with your upper body, moving against gravitational forces, it all adds up to increased strength. Although we do lose muscle mass as we age, a consistent comprehensive practice can slow the process while providing a host of additional benefits. Yoga increases flexibility, strength and stamina, reduces stress and tension and increases our sense of well-being. A regular yoga practice improves sleep, reduces stress, increases bone density,

Yoga increases blood flow, which helps slow down the aging process. After a challenging yoga practice, you might feel a rush of energy. A doctor might call it increased blood flow, a yogi might call it prana referring to a life force, a martial artist might call it chi or qi, meaning the natural energy in the universe. Whatever way you frame it, a comprehensive regular yoga practice will increase the energy in the body. Here is a list of 5 ways to turn the power on:

1. Make time in the morning. Studies have shown that people who exercise first thing in the morning tend to be more consistent. That makes more sense, in the morning there are less last minute meetings, overscheduled appointments, or catching up with the days events.

2. Train your “getting up early” muscle. Set the alarm a few minutes earlier. Just practice getting up a few minutes earlier for a few days in a row. Although five minutes is not enough for a full yoga practice, it certainly is better than zero minutes. And adding a few minutes each week will turn those extra five minutes into a efficient and beneficial 30 minutes that can really make a difference over time.

3. Remember how good it makes you feel. As your yoga practices pile up, it will be easier to remember why you get on the mat. The benefits of yoga go far beyond the physical, increasing our sense of well-being. One way to motivate yourself to practice is to remember how good it makes you feel.

4. The busiest days deserve a break. The days you can’t find 20 minutes of practice yoga are the days you deserve to take 40 minutes. Sometimes life gets in the way, and you really can’t take anytime for yourself. A regular yoga practice improves sleep, reduces stress, increases bone density,

5. Some days getting to your yoga mat will be more of a challenge than others. Success is not measured by whether every yoga practice is blissful. What determines our success is how we react to challenges. Do you give up and never try again? Or do you learn from the situation? Did you need to schedule better, (perhaps plan to take a yoga class that works for your schedule or practice with a friend). Be consistent, and keep showing up on your mat.

To learn more about Wini Linguvic, fitness guru, and learn more – log onto her website at www.bodychange.com or visit Amazon.com to purchase her books.

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