5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Weight Loss



Would you like to drop 5, 10 or more pounds fast?  Eliminate these foods that sabotage the plans of even the most dedicated dieter:

  • Juice (go for the fresh fruit instead)
  • Sweetened yogurt.  Yogurt is a superb weight loss food.  However, added sugars and fruits may impair survival of the cultures that make yogurt and other cultured dairy foods (kefir, acidophilus milk) so important.  And will also greatly increase the calorie content.  Top your unsweetened yogurt with fresh fruit instead.
  • Sugar. In addition to packing on the pounds, sugar and high glycemic carbs contribute to cellular inflammation in all organ systems, including skin—which means increased wrinkles and sagging!
  • Corn and rice cakes.  These low-calorie goodies pack a major glycemic punch—spiking blood sugar and insulin and putting a lock on body fat.
  • Processed foods including bake mixes, puddings, cookies, pre-prepared meals, snack foods and baked goods made with refined flours, chemical additives and the deadly trans fatty acids and unhealthy vegetable oils.  Stick to healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and natural unprocessed foods.

Why?  Because we need to avoid the sharp rises in blood sugar that result in the release of insulin, which results in the storage of body fat.  To make matters even worse, this “insulin overload” effect creates a vicious cycle of craving for foods (sweets, pastries, pasta, and white flour foods) that rapidly convert to sugar in our blood stream.

Are you trying to shed a few pounds? Tell me you are going to cut out of your diet to reach your goal.

5 thoughts on “5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Weight Loss

  1. After almost a year of being “trapped” in the vicious cycle of craving for foods that contain high amounts of sugar, I am free at last!!! thanks to you Dr.Perricone. I started with the Three Day Face-lift, and now I am “hooked”!!! I was drinking large amounts of coffee with increasing amounts of Splenda, processed foods, lots of peanut butter…i was getting out of control!!! Had no energy and felt like there was no way out… The 3 day face-lift was the “jump start” of a better, healthier way to eat. In 2 weeks I have lost 7 punds and my level of energy is increasing! I am doing the 3 day facelift Mon thru Fri with some variations and the weekends I allow myself a glass of wine but i have not touched bread, chocolate or peanut butter since I started 2 weeks ago. I drink only 2 cups of coffee daily and the rest of the time H2O and green tea!!! I have 7 more lbs to go, but I sure feel on my way to success!! Thank you so much Dr. Perricone!!

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  3. Drinking a great deal of water during the course of the day makes you feel fuller as it fills the stomach. Water is a natural cleanser that detoxifies you and contains no calories, so drink at least 8 glasses a day. Another added bonus of water is it helps increase metabolism and digestion as well as keeping you hydrated. This is a healthy choice to aide you in losing weight.

  4. I have a question… I DO drink plenty of water, but I am having trouble sticking to it lately–no taste, don’t you know… :( So lately I have been drinking 0 calorie flavored-waters. I am not sure if this is such a great idea? What do you think of this?

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