The Dieter’s Dilemma Part 2: Sabotage Secrets Revealed


By Nicholas Perricone, MD

If you think that the fabulous figures of Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Bar Rafaeli, Adriana Lima or Megan Fox are unattainable, think again. I can’t promise you the cover of Sports Illustrated or the Victoria’s Secret catalog, but I can promise that many of your weight problems are not your fault!

Some scientists and researchers believe that many of the health problems of today are caused by our departure from the hunter-gatherer diet, which consisted of nuts, seeds, berries, wild greens, roots, fruits, fish, fowl and game. This is a fascinating theory and I agree with the premise that natural, unprocessed foods are always the best choices.

Go Green and Lean with Grass-Fed

One serious sabotage agent of our diets is the switch from grass-fed beef to grain-fed. Researchers have found that grass-fed beef contains two newly discovered “good” fats and more beta carotene, vitamin E and folic acid. These health benefits decline significantly with even three months of grain feeding, even if the grain is organic. Cattle that eat grass and live a “pastoral” life in the pasture—produce beef and milk that is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Corn-fed beef has no CLA at all. CLA is also a powerful aid in the prevention and treatment of obesity. With the motive of saving money (corn is really inexpensive) at the expense of health, we are now in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Grass-fed meat is rich in CLA, which decreases body fat, especially in the area of the abdomen. My favorite is from the Stannard Farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Benson, VT. Here the cows enjoy the pure Vermont air and water and spend their lives eating the rich, emerald-green grass that helps give Vermont its nickname of the Green Mountain State. For more information, visit Bob and his farm online at

My next blog will reveal more foods that are guaranteed to sabotage even the healthiest diets. The good news is that once we know what foods cause rapid accumulation of body fat, we can scrupulously avoid them.

As an active researcher, I welcome your comments.

6 thoughts on “The Dieter’s Dilemma Part 2: Sabotage Secrets Revealed

  1. We eat grass-fed beef when we eat beef, but that may only be once a week or less. How important is it to eat the food with CLA versus taking supplements?
    Thanks for your passion for research and helping others.

  2. I was always thin and firm until I hit menopause at 52. Now everything I eat turns to fat and flab. No matter what diet I try or what exercise, I can not get back the body I had thru my 20s, 30s and 40s! I have the same complaint with my skin. Most people tell me I don’t look near my age but I feel so differently. Please let me know what products would help me.

    Thank you
    Beverly Pfab

  3. Dr. Perricone,
    I will be 52 in November. I have been suffering with menopause for several years. I take hormones to help with hotflashes but think that I am gaining weight from them. I will switch to grass fed beef and free range eggs along with adding more greens and nuts to my diet. Is there anything else I can do to combat the extra pounds I have gained?

  4. Dr Perricone,

    I had already read one of your books and I try to read all your articles but for me is still difficult find out a nice way to follow your advices being vegetarian. I don´t eat any kind of meat (red, or white) and even eggs are difficult for me… I would love if you could give to me and to the other vegetarians tips to follow ´The Perricone way´. What eat for breakfast?? Do I have to take supplements of protein??? There are any other supplement with Omega 3 that is not fish oil??? Can I eat soy? Or legumes are better sources of protein??

    Please don´t let the vegetarians out!!! :-)

    Thank you four your time,

    Wish the best,

  5. Dr. Perricone smartly reinforces the best of our diet should contain non-processed foods.

    Bio research consistently proves foods containing hormones, stabilizers and the like are harder to digest consequently leading to larger fat stores.
    Thx Dr. Perricone. Gotta go and finish my order.


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