Love at First Bite! – Top 10 Foods to Enhance Your Sex Life


Love at First Bite! Dr. Perricone’s Top Ten Foods to Enhance Your Sex Life

No, Love at First Bite is not a blog about the HBO hit series True Blood. And you won’t find one mention of vampires, Bon Temps, Louisiana, Anna Paquin or Stephen Moyer. What you will discover is the anti-inflammatory diet (not a drop of synthetic blood on the menu) which will work wonders for your sex life. In addition, because you quickly drop unwanted body fat, you will also feel more attractive—which always help when it comes to the libido.

Healthy fats are vital to hormone production, and a healthy sex life is all about the hormones. Here is a short list of some wonderful foods that will go a long way in enhancing your sex life as well as your overall sense of happiness.

  1. Wild salmon and other cold water fish (sardines, herring, trout, anchovies, etc,) high in omega-3 fats. In fact, if you want just one food group guaranteed to help increase overall health and sexual stamina then these fish are for you. Omega-3’s are critical to the brain and nervous system. They will also improve mood, increase sense of well-being, fight depression, give you glowing radiant skin and improve memory and brain power.
  2. Watermelon — Watermelon is rich in l-citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow.

L-citrulline supports the body in optimizing blood flow through its conversion to L-arginine and then nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is involved in vasodilatation (dilation of the blood vessels). Low levels are associated with mental and physical fatigue and sexual dysfunction.

Like Viagra, l-citrulline increases blood flow to the sexual organs, without any negative side effects. In fact, some experts are asking “is watermelon the new Viagra?”

  1. Extra Dark Chocolate — contains phenylethylamine, a chemical believed to produce the feeling of “being in love.” We all know how good chocolate makes us feel. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day, had a more active sex life than those who didn’t. Eating dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, resulting in pleasurable feelings and reduced stress. Serotonin, another important neurotransmitter, acts as an anti-depressant and increases our feeling of well-being.
  2. Asparagus — Asparagus is rich in folate, a B vitamin that helps increase production of histamine. The correct levels of histamine are important for a healthy sex drive in both men and women.
  3. Oysters — Oysters are extremely rich in zinc, essential for testosterone production and the maintenance of healthy sperm. And even though women have much less testosterone than men, it also plays a key part in the female libido.

Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone which results in increased libido in both men and women.

  1. Blueberries. When it comes to boosting dopamine levels, blueberries rule. Blueberries allow the body a greater ability to release dopamine, an energizing, stimulatory neurotransmitter. Blueberries also protect us from the loss of dopamine cells normally seen with aging. By increasing brain energy production and maintaining youthful brain function, dopamine exerts an extremely important anti-aging effect. And, since dopamine decreases as we age, blueberries become even more important as we get older.
  2. Pumpkin seeds — Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are also extremely rich in zinc, and extremely healthy for the male prostate gland. Don’t underestimate the power of zinc when it comes to a woman’s sex drive.

One study found that pumpkin seeds are also a great libido booster. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids, which act as a precursor of prostaglandins—hormone-like substances important for sexual health.

  1. Garlic —garlic contains allicin, a compound thought to increase blood flow to the sexual organs. Some experts believe that garlic is a very powerful aphrodisiac—but it doesn’t work overnight. They recommend taking capsules or eating garlic daily for about a month to reap its remarkable benefits.
  2. Avocado—rich in folic acid for increased energy product and healthy fats to improve mood and sense of well-being.
  3. Peanuts—especially for men– Studies show that the amino acid L-Arginine is helpful for improving sexual function in men. L-arginine is used to make nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels. Preliminary studies have found that L-arginine may help with erectile dysfunction because it relaxes the blood vessels. Peanuts are a rich natural source of L-arginine.

As an active researcher, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

35 thoughts on “Love at First Bite! – Top 10 Foods to Enhance Your Sex Life

  1. I have been a Dr Perricone groupie for several years. I have used his products and have followed his dieting advice forever…I was after better looking skin and now just realized why my libido is that of a teenage boy. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve had one too many blueberries!

  2. ‘love the facts on these foods and what nutrients they provide…I did not know about Watermelon~
    Now…can you help me find a nice man? :-)

  3. Great info – I will incorporate more of these in to our diet! How much of each food does one need to eat to get the described results?

  4. I appreciate the information you provide us and remind us of every so often to keep us motivated to eat right and take care of ourselves

  5. But are watermelons godo for you otherwise? I thought that they were one of the few fruits with glycemic index that is too high?

  6. WOW! O.K.,tomorrow I am buying most of what is on this list!
    Love Dr. Perricone and his skin care products, because they really work! I also like that he considers what we put inside our bodies as much as on the outside.

  7. HI, DR. Perricone,I have a question what type of food should I be eating during my menopause years? I have been gaining wheight and I dont’t like it, pelase help me.

    • Dear Martha,

      Introduce foods and beverages to the diet that reverse the negative effects of inflammation and help the cells repair themselves. The anti-inflammatory diet can restore radiance to the skin in just a few days.

      Best bets include:
      • high-quality protein, like that found in fish, shellfish, poultry and tofu;
      • low-glycemic carbohydrates including colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains such as old-fashioned oatmeal, legumes such as beans and lentils;
      • healthy fats, such as those found in cold water fish (especially wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, sardines, herring, anchovies, etc.), nuts, seeds, and extra virgin olive oil
      • 6 – 8 glasses of pure spring water per day.
      • Anti-oxidant rich beverages such as green tea

      Additional tips to restore radiance and keep skin supple and youthful during the menopause years and beyond:
      • Take omega 3 fish oil capsules
      • Cut out sugary starchy foods and beverages which make skin look dull and pasty
      • Take the nutritional supplement alpha lipoic acid and use topical skin care products containing alpha lipoic acid, both which will help return youthful vibrancy and radiance to your skin. Alpha lipoic acid has the unique ability to promote the healthy production of nitric oxide, which helps control the blood flow to the skin.
      • Regular exercise will increase circulation to the face, thus promoting a glowing complexion.
      • Avoid smoking, which restricts the blood flow to the skin and can cause sallowness and dullness – as well as premature wrinkles, deep lines (especially on the upper lip), and loss of suppleness.
      • Green tea is a great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory beverage, and along with pure spring water will help the body flush out toxins and stay hydrated, supple, and healthy.
      • Don’t go “fat – free” which will make your skin dry and dull. Choose healthy fats as listed above for radiance and suppleness.
      • Get enough sleep! Nothing is worse for your complexion than sleep deprivation—which will also cause you to crave sugary starchy food
      • Limit alcohol consumption.

  8. What about Chia seeds? Seems like Chia seeds have all of the components of the food qualities listed above…high in Omega’s, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

    I buy mine online here:
    But wondered if you recommended them as part of your health/skin care regime?

    Since starting to eat Chia seeds, I have lost weight and my skin has improved!

  9. What about Chia seeds? Seems like Chia seeds have all of the components of the food qualities listed above…high in Omega’s, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

  10. My husband was having some ED-type problems, but researched and started to take supplements that include most of the ones you recommend. They have worked wonders for him. Now I’m going to try the ones you recommend for women.

  11. Dr. Perricone is it good for your body to live on just fruits and vegetables I have done it 15 years ago was at my thinnest weight and felt my best now I am 51 menopausel not sure if that is the way for me now………You are what professional is all about..thank you..Beth

  12. Hi Dr. Perricone,

    I love all the information that you provide. I did want to aks one thing. I have been suffering from acne since I was 11 yrs. old. I am now 32. I took accutane this year and I am finally clear. You mention that yogurt is good for your skin but for some reason dairy products seem to break my skin out (even plain yogurt). Are you familiar with this problem?


  13. Bull. You start with an unevaluateable statement(without numbers you cant prove anything.) Then you list certain foods that may enhance sexual function but you list no studies, papers, findings that back that up. Im just to take you at your word? Just your non scientific blathering without a shred of scientific fact or causal e4vadance. If it walks like a duck it is like you a quack.

  14. WOW!!! A very interesting article indeed. Definitely something that I will have to sacrifice myself to test and see. Other then the fish everything sounds very yummy.

  15. this is great information and one that people don’t think about as they “eat” their way across the day. Fritos, chips and diet sodas don’t add a lot to the body and they subtract more. Realizing that what you eat affects your sex drive is incredibly important.

  16. My doctor put me on Simvistatin to lower my cholesterol. I don’t want to be on it, but I am having trouble changing my diet. I try to eat Perricone foods, but I also get weak and eat junk, too. I have increased my exercise, and I am really losing weight and gaining muscle. I’m terrified to be on Simvistatin but my cholesterol has been high for 3 years and I have had hypothyroid/Hashimoto’s since I was early 20’s, 47 now. If I was your daughter, would you recommend I stay on the Simvistatin? I have read so many negative things re side effects online. Thank you. I really believe in your way, Dr. Perricone.

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