Dr. Perricone explains his 3-tiered philosophy for healthy aging and beautiful skin


Dr. Perricone’s 3-tiered philosophy for healthy aging and beautiful skin is the foundation of his holistic approach. This program consists of an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements and topicals. Each tier counteracts inflammation at the cellular level.

We invite you to listen as Dr. Perricone explains this innovative philosophy and offers solutions to that will change how you look and feel.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Perricone explains his 3-tiered philosophy for healthy aging and beautiful skin

  1. Hello. I have been struggling from acne ever since I turned 15. My age is 26 now. I woke up one day with acne and since then never really went away. I’ve been using the Perricone anti acne products, but the problem is that even if my acne ameliorates other problems occur like redness or enhanced broken vessels. I used them for more than a year, but I gave them up because it irritated my face to much. More than 2 years ago I changed my diet completely. I discovered the perricone diet and I decided to follow it. I’m eating wild salmon 3-4 times a week. Wild blueberries every morning with steel cut oatmeal. I’m buying only organic fruits and vegetables; hormone and antibiotic free chicken breast. I usually prepare myself a smoothie with organic berries,goat yogurt and soy milk. I replaced dairy in my diet with plain soy milk. The one thing that I try to do now is go completely gluten free, but that’s quite a challenge, but whenever I can I eat gluten free. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol at all. I drink very little organic coffee twice a week (half cups or less). I also take supplements like pharmaceutical graded fish oil, B-Complex, Chromium, Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc, Silica with Isoflavonols,Iron(I don’t eat red meat), I drink Acai, Goji berry, Noni fruit, Mangosteen fuit liquid dietary supplement. All this cost me a fortune, I give up a lot to make sure I eat well,and still, I’m keep getting breakouts and I also have redness around the nose area. Especially on the right side of the jawline never clears up. I always have pimples there. Around my jawline I started breaking out 2 and a half years ago. Before, I had pimples mainly on my T zone. Around age 24 my face seemed to clear out nicely, and I thought I can put acne behind, but No Way Jose. I broke out at my jawline and since never cleared up. Now since the beginning of the year I started breaking out all over my face again. I am desperate, don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been to dermatologists, but all they care about is cashing in, not to actually help me. I can’t find a good doctor. Or they are extremely expensive. I even had 3 photofacials done 1 year ago, which took care of my redness and broken vessels a little bit, but that’s it. I got a lot of pimples after those treatment too. I don’t have weight problems, never had always weighted 120 pounds. I’m 5 foot 7 inches. My damn skin is my problem. The more I look in the mirror the more I hate myself.

  2. Dear Mary;
    what about your emotion side. It seem to me that can be an emotion issue.

    Carmen Barros

  3. Maria,
    Wow. I admire your dedication. Have you checked your hormone level? Stress? Please don’t say you hate yourself. There is more to you than acne.

  4. Try drinking 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar a day and also using it on your skin before you apply any other products. Check out earthclinic.com for other natural remedies. The acv worked to clear up my son’s acne, and others have had good success with it also.

  5. Dear Maria,

    Thanks for your question. Dr. Perricone has discovered through extensive research that acne is a systemic inflammatory disease. That is, inflammation is the underlying cause of acne, affecting the entire body.

    In addition to diet, supplementation and topical anti-inflammatories, exercise and de-stressing both also play a major role in reducing inflammation as well. You may benefit from incorporating an exercise program into your daily routine or doing yoga to help de-stress you.

    Also, have you tried the Skin Clear Supplements? You stated that the topical products irritated your skin, but you may have better luck taking these supplements which Dr. Perricone hasput together. This supplement program works from the inside out to help support clear skin. It is specifically formulated to improve skin’s clarity while providing toning benefits and improving skin’s texture. Skin Clear Supplements also help to support a healthy immune system and provide antioxidant protection.

    It is possible that maybe your breakouts could be hormone related. I would also recommend speaking with your physician regarding your concerns, as they may have further helpful information for you.

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