Antioxidant Nutrition, White House Style


Michelle Obama hopes the new 1,100 square foot organic White House garden will inspire everyone to talk about nutrition, think about their health, and get excited about eating fresh food. From spinach and chard to onions and herbs, the 55 varieties of vegetables include something to tempt nearly every taste bud and to provide the first family with a true bounty of antioxidants.

Considering the levels of vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, and antioxidant cartenoids dark greens contain, it’s no surprise they make up such a big portion of the Obama garden.  Leafy wonders including collards, kale, and a variety of lettuces and herbs are the real stars of the White House veggie plot.

Also prominently planted are onions, shallots, and chives. These are members of the allium family and are featured on Dr. Perricone’s list of Top 10 Superfoods. But greens and onions aren’t the only nutritional powerhouses being grown on the south lawn. Planted alongside are beans, peas, berries, and hot peppers. In addition to fiber and, you guessed it, antioxidants, these foods would fit right in on the anti-inflammation diet.

If you’re not already feeling inspired to grow your own organic produce, consider this: on top of being super nutritious and undeniably delicious, these vegetables are notable for being cheap and largely easy to grow. The leafy greens, lettuces, and herbs in particular require virtually no natural gardening talent. They’ll even thrive in pots on the patio. And amazingly, the total cost for seeds and supplies for all 1,100 square feet at the White House came in at around $200.

With so much potential benefit for your body and mind, it’s hard not to feel enthusiastic about making fresh produce a bigger part of your diet. It might even be enough to make you look at a patch on your own lawn in a whole new way.

To learn more about healthy foods they’re planting at the White House, check out this article at The Huffington Post.

3 thoughts on “Antioxidant Nutrition, White House Style

  1. Wow! I had no idea that the Obama family had a garden at the White House. What a fabuous idea! I wonder if there were gardens in the past at the White House. What a positive influence Mrs. Obama is having in a subtle way. Thank you for sharing such interesting articles. I have read every one :).

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