The Anti-Aging Power Of Neuropeptides


Neuropeptides are tiny strings of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) which act as sophisticated intercellular messengers. As we age, these neuropeptides become less and less abundant.

Pheromones are chemicals produced on the skin that elicit non-detectible odors which affect the behavior of other people around us. The pheromones are known to activate positive changes in the areas of the brain related to cognitive skills and emotional well being.

Special Delivery

Neuropeptides are used to harness the power of pheromones; to deliver pheromones to the brain, similar to those found naturally in the body. Neuropeptides enhance the effects of pheromones by making the receptor sites (known as the vomeronasal organ) in the nose more sensitive. The increased sensitivity of the receptor sites creates a greater impact on the person receiving the odor, thereby enhancing the efficacy of the pheromone compound. The benefits of pheromones in the anti-aging aromatic are many and can personally affect us psychologically and cognitively by increasing our sense of well-being, and enhanced thinking, and socially, eliciting positive emotional responses from those around us.

Because these benefits are physiological as well as psychological there is an anti-aging component to regular use.

Benefits include
• Sharpens memory and mental clarity
• Elevates self-confidence
• Decreases stress and anxiety
• Enhances well-being

2 thoughts on “The Anti-Aging Power Of Neuropeptides

  1. Hello, Dr. Perricone. How are you? Hope every thing is well for you. ^_^
    It is the first time for me to be really informed about this Neuropeptide and the relationship between Neuropeptides and pheromones.
    It’s very impressive. I saw a very short post, only a few lines, about pheromones on your blog a while ago. I put pheromones on search but didn’t really found anything. Of course I knew what it was but wanted to read more with a thought “why suddenly this blog mentions about pheromone, there must be more”, I thought. I put neuropeptide on search a few times as well but didn’t find anything talking about its relationship with pheromones. I am glad I finally got the answer. when I was in one of the classes in my graduate program (I don’t remember which one it was. It was not directly about pheromone, it was more about neurotransmitter I think…) I thought maybe we can use pheromones in a therapeutic ways. I thought what if, if we can use pheromones for certain treatments or to stimulate certain secretions of hormones back then. I am very impressed you actually using that kind of idea or possibly similar thoughts like that and created it into actual products that we all can experience it and get its benefits! I think it means a lot!!! I hope more people will understand what this means and will get more benefits!

    I learned aromatherapy from a British aromatherapy specialist when I was living in Hong Kong so many years ago, just because I got interested in. After I came to the U.S. I didn’t use aromatherapy anymore as I couldn’t really find good essential oils here in U.S. back then. There is an old saying “Yangguibi had a half of pomegranate every day and used a flower perfume (they say it was ylang ylang) for her beauty and to keep her power.” Yangguibi (719-756) born as an orphan but later became mistress of King Hyunjong of Dang (Tang) dynasty and finally became the most powerful queen within other queens. She was famous for her beauty and notorious of her jealousy and power. After all, she would be considered one of the most famous romanticist in Asia. This Ylang Ylang, in aromatherapy, it’s used to relieve high blood pressure, normalize sebum secretion for skin problems, and stimulating sensual senses(?) —–the reason is that, they say, its smell is similar to a pheromone from women’s body—. And in Indonesia, Yelang Yelang flowers are spread on the bed of newly wed couples. Wait, not only that, I heard Yelang Yelang is one of the common ingredient in the motion sickness medicine.—-that shows somewhat relations with “beauty and brain connection’ ? ^_^
    A lot more interesting stories…. I just brought this up as an example how this smell or sense can be powerful. I didn’t know this relationship between neuropeptide and pheromones. Reading your post, this creation of neuropeptide products can open a lot of new possibilities. It’s like a mile stone! Congratulations and thank you! I think my mom soon would receive neuropeptide duo pack I got for her birthday and I am looking forward to hearing how she would like them.
    Thank you, Dr. Perricone and sorry that my comment got long again. ^_^



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