Ethnicity and Skin – Hispanic/Latino Skin Tone


If you have Hispanic or Latino skin tone, here’s what to expect on the risk/reward front:

Can be acne prone due to very active sebaceous glands
Although not as sensitive as black or brown skin, can suffer an exaggerated inflammatory response from chemicals, irritants or mild trauma
Can suffer from large pores

Increased melanin production offers great sun protection
Can have skin clear of fine lines and wrinkles
Resists sagging and loss of tone

2 thoughts on “Ethnicity and Skin – Hispanic/Latino Skin Tone

  1. Could you tell us about over production of Melanin? it’s one of the other big concerns for Asians.
    I , recently, saw a new pattern record in Korea – 2008,Aug-Oct.-,about wrinkle reducing or improving material which include “Matrine” or “Oxymatrine”. It says these things are not only good for reducing wrinkles, better than even Retinol, but also suppressing melanin production and does whitening and protection from sun damage. Would they really be good as it sounds?
    Interesting thing is that the record says that these are not only working on skin but also has effectiveness on suppressing weight gain and has anti-inflammatory effect! Here, again, we see interesting connection between skin – anti-inflammatory – weight loss, like your book!.

  2. sorry. I noticed a few typos in my post. I meant to say I saw a new record of a Korean patented material, not a “new pattern.” I have appreciated that you have been sharing your wisdom about acne. You don’t have to respond to my question about Melanin for now, because you may have still more to say about acne and other subjects. But i would be interested in your opinion on this subject some day.


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