Dr. Perricone Q&A – Laser Treatments for Acne


Q: I have very bad skin; acne and dark spots on my face. My doctor suggests laser treatments but I have heard that they could make it worse. What can I do to make my skin clear?

A: Laser is fancy way of burning the skin, and can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Therefore I do not use laser in my practice. All of the anti-inflammatory topical products can be beneficial here, especially DMAE and alpha lipoic acid. Take anti-inflammatory supplements and apply Advanced Face Firming Activator twice daily to the area with the hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. You may also try a spot treatment containing glutathione on the acne lesions. To clear your skin and keep it clear you need to follow the anti-inflammatory diet—lists of good foods and bad foods can be found on my website (see anti-inflammatory diet) or in several of my books.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Perricone Q&A – Laser Treatments for Acne

  1. Question: my 17 yr. old son suffers from acne – quite severe. Is on antibiotic and sulfur wash – a bit better but some areas that are healing look like they will leave scars – is there something to help heal and reduce liklihood of scarring? The area is on his cheek bone…. Next treatment may be Acutane but I’m not a fan of it… BP tried along with clindomyacin but no real results….we can put a person on the moon but acne treatment still seems elusive…thanks! Isabel

  2. Nicholas Perricone,

    I have a question concerning skin and facial health. I’m a picker. I was also a pre-med student. I tagged on two minors in kines and Psych so I have a pretty good understanding of how doing the right thing can make your skin more radiant (when you are doing the right thing). Can laser treatment work in specific spots to keep someone from picking. Once you notice scarring it backfires. It’s circular. Would you personally recommend a laser in this instance?


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