Dr. Perricone’s Top 10 Super Supplements – #1 – Omega 3 Fish Oil


Super Supplement # 1: Omega-3 Fish Oil

The incredible anti-inflammatory power of Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in the high fat fish and in fish oil can accomplish the following:

Reduce inflammation in all organ systems
Accelerate the loss of body fat
Elevate mood
Improve attention span
Stabilize blood sugar levels
Lower insulin levels
Create and maintain healthy serotonin levels
Stop the roller coaster effects of the carbohydrate highs and lows
Decrease appetite
Increase radiance to skin
Increase health of immune system
Increase energy levels
Decrease symptoms and severity of rheumatoid arthritis
Reduced symptoms and severity of chronic skin conditions such as eczema
Decreased cardiovascular risk

DOSAGE RECOMMENDATION: 3,000 mg per day of fish oil—however for those who need to lose significant weight I recommend three 1000 mg capsules 3 times per day with meals for a total of 9 capsules per day—this higher doses need to be approved by your physician.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Tips:
To avoid any dietary side effects from the omega 3 fish oils, (such as belching or stomach upset) divide the dose into three—for example, if you are taking 3,000 mg per day of fish oil, take one 1000 mg capsule with a meal three times per day.

Even though fish oil is basically a “food,” always check with your primary healthcare professional before embarking on any new supplement. Any therapeutic intervention, even nutritional supplements, can be contraindicated in certain health conditions.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Perricone’s Top 10 Super Supplements – #1 – Omega 3 Fish Oil

  1. Ok. I can’t help commenting on this. ^_^ Omega 3, It’s just so wonderful. There’s one thing I really want to point out about omega 3. because its benefit to women is so great and it’s too much loss not to mention! ^-^ It’s a little odd that no one really talks about this. I guess it’s because women don’t really talk about this. Just in case you don’t know, ladies, Did you know Omega 3 is so wonderful for easing out on women’s monthly cycle? Maybe its healing properties or ability to balance out hormone level or maybe its anti-inflammatory ability for overall body as Dr. Perricone mentioned on this post, —- I guess it’s because of all those abilities of Omega 3 that Dr. Perricone pointed out on this post including one of his previous post about preventing blood clot, it just makes whole thing a lot easier and smoother, including all the process, whether before the period, during the period and even after the period, of course including PMS.

    I think our women’s body deals with an enormous monthly inflammation in our body. I think we are just so used to it and don’t really realize our body is going through major inflammation and major healing in a regular basis, controlled by the orchestra of hormones behind. But we do know we have PMS, body ache, headache, muscle ache, lower backache, weakening immune system …..endless, small and big or minor and severe, whether it’s before or after….right? How would you explain all this if this is not the state of inflammation? Think about all the build up of hormones day by day and the big drops and somehow recuperate again…. and here the cycle starts again….I am sure our body go through a big process of inflammation and healing cycles from before the period and of course during and even after. Then, we need anti-inflammatory, don’t you think? But, then, how come no one says to take Omega 3 fish oil for PMS and menstrual discomfort??? Yes, some bestseller authors tell us to take Omega 3 for general health including women but it seems like they don’t really tell us to take Omega 3 for women’s cycle….or Do they, these days? I haven’t read recent ones. Anyways whether they tell us or not, I take omega 3! Ever since I learned about Omega 3 and anti-inflammation from Dr. Perricone, since many years ago. ^_^

    Our traditional medicine use cooling herbs from the 15th of the cycle and replenishing herbs from the first day of the period. It’s interesting that it’s cooling herb, but promoting smooth circulations—for both circulation and smooth transition of mood—- isn’t it interesting that using cooling herb for circulation? not warming herbs like some other cases? It’s fascinating—–because it has a meeting point again with this ancient wisdom from the Far East and Dr. Perricone’s inflammation and anti-inflammation concept! If I start to talk about this, it’s going to be long. So just let me get to the point. I take omega 3 on and off through the month. But this really make things so easier for whole cycle. (Of course if we take regularly every day it would be much better.) I take one more than usual for a couple days closer to period and same way like towards to the end of cycle and for next a few days. Sometimes I take Omega 3 same way in the middle of cycle too. That’s how I do. I guess you can be flexible depending on your condition but I wanted to just share my own experience as I know so many people suffer each months unnecessarily.

    Plus, don’t tell me our skin is nothing to do with our cycles! I think its relationship is inseparable! You all probably experienced a sudden discoloration of face, dark circle under eyes and even sudden wrinkles over night! Once you pick up its clue, it’s whole new chapter, again! I have an interesting story….but it will get too long….maybe some other day …. Hope Omega 3 will easy out your cycles—-which will help whole your family to feel easier..
    .^ _^

    p.s. I saw a recent post about Neuro-peptide. Ladies, it’s not about neuro-peptide cream. (I got it. You can feel the difference immediately. I like it and I am interested in trying even more products in that line.) Unless it is a kind of allergic reaction….Check your cycles! Look into your own recent daily life—-too stressed out? or maybe room is too dry with winter heating? I got same experience having 10 years wrinkle overnight. It happened like about 6 months ago. But I know t was not because of the topical stuff I was using! It’s my age! ^_^ What can we do, right? So I need to start to use Dr. Perricone’s products again and I need to get back to anti-inflammatory diet and its life style!

  2. I have just started taking the supplements and I must admit that my skin is looking more smooth and velvety and I have so much more energy and seem to be thinking clearer. I also noticed tremendously fast finger-nail growth and improved mood. I hope it’s doing all it can to protect me from heart-disease and cancer as well. The things I have read are so positive. There is no harsh after-taste or belching for me at all. I was aware that I introduced a supplement for about two days and then gone. This seems to be an excellent product, easy to swallow and no remorse after. One time I accidentally broke one and smelled like a fish factory for an hour or so but I can guarantee you it’s fish oil in there!


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