Dr. Perricone Q&A – Acne Questions #1 – Oily Skin


As acne tends to be a greater issue during the stress of the Holidays, it’s a good time to address some of your frequently asked questions about acne. The questions I address in these Q&A posts should eventually cover your specific issue. If you have additional questions, please post them in the comments section.

I am a teenager with very oily skin and also suffer from acne. No matter how often I wash my face it still feels oily – and I still break out. What can I do?

Excess oil can be caused by hereditary factors or from the production of the male hormone, testosterone. Wash your face gently yet thoroughly twice daily with a gentle cleanser. Harsh, drying treatments will actually cause the reverse effect; your skin will be provoked to produce even more oil to compensate for the drying cleansers. Alpha lipoic acid is an ingredient I recommend you look for in your skin cleansing products. It has a normalizing effect on the skin and can help regulate oil flow. The anti-inflammatory diet combined with our anti-inflammatory supplements are very helpful. I recommend also normalize oil output, preventing excess oil as well as acne lesions.

More questions? I’ll be addressing new topics every day, so ask in the comments. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Perricone Q&A – Acne Questions #1 – Oily Skin

  1. Any topical products advice for normal skin for preteen and teenagers who don’t have acne yet?
    When my daughter was a baby and a toddler, I used just Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion like many others do. But at some point, she didn’t want to use it anymore and I felt it was a little too thick for her face. Already it has been three, four years since then. I asked around to other parents of her friends or classmates what they use for their children and they didn’t quiet have any good ideas either and so therefore some of them were still using same kind of stuff.

    I always wondered from time to time when is a good time for teenagers to be able to use just regular women’s stuff and what would be good for girls between young child to young adults to use for daily basis to prevent acne and to have a smooth transition into regular women’s skin care stuff and for being well prepared before they start to put make ups on.

    I’ve never had acne. But I remember my mom used to put something like a moisturizer every morning on my face while I was growing up…. At this preteen and teenager age, their hormone changes and I hope I can be a prepared mom that I can help my daughter and her friends to have more smooth transitions.

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